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   What Issues Keep the CEO Awake At Night?


Marketplace Management
1. Downward Pressure on Prices 1. Customer Loyalty & Retention
2. Changes in Type & Level of Competition 2. Managing Mergers & Acquisitions
3. Industry Consolidation 3. Reducing Costs
4. Changing Technology 4. Engaging Employees in Company Vision
5. Shortages of Key Skills 5. Increasing Flexibility & Speed

The Conference Board and Heidrick & Struggles, 1999 — — The CEO Challenge: Top Market and Management Issues(Survey: 84% US, 9% Europe, 5% Japan, 2% Other)

ISSUES CEO Perceptions-
Greatest Impact on Share Price
1. Attracting & Keeping Top Talent 1. External Communications
2. Achieving Growth Objectives 2. Internal Communications
3. Staying Ahead of the Competition 3. High Ethical Standards
4. Managing Rapid Change in Technology 4. Good Corporate Governance

Burson — Marsteller October 2000

1. Globalization 8. Improved HR Management
2. Knowledge Management 9. Improved Strategic Plan Implementation
3. Cost & Cycle Reduction 10. Better Strategic Planning
4. Global Supply Chains 11. Metrics & Analysis of Org. Processes
5. Manufacturing Multiple Countries 12. Consistent Global Organizational Culture
6. Managing Temp & Contract Workers 13. Outsourcing Manufacturing
7. Performance Based 'EE Relationships 14. Creating a Learning Organization

Foundation for the Malcolm Baldridge Award — Louis Harris & Associates, April 1998

   What Results Fill the CEO Dreams?


     The wide range of issues cited by CEOs obviously indicates a significant variance by industry and by company. How these issues are met depends largely on the people of the business. It is the people who design or select the processes that in turn produce the product and service. It is the people who interface with the customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders of the enterprise. Any business or organization that can get the people issues right is going to do well.

"Take away my people, but leave my factories, and soon grass will grow on the factory floors. Take away my factories, but leave my people, and soon we will have a new and better factory." Andrew Carnegie

Great organizations must attract top talent and utilize the strengths of that talent to retain that talent and to attract still more talent. Therefore, the most critical challenge for all organizations is to get the right people on the team, the wrong people off, and everyone playing the right position.

This is the bottom line, both figuratively and literally!

   The PAYOFF — We Have No Talent To Spare, But We Have Talent Enough!

Extensive research conducted in the last five years, has proven that substantial increases in shareholder value occur when companies succeed in utilizing employee talent. And when continuous improvement mechanisms become embedded in the organizational culture, which serve to perpetuate high performance. Contact us and we'll have a Web Footed Friend contact you to share these research findings and apply them to your organization.

   The PREMISE — Build Your Organization On Probabilities, Not On Possibilities.

Ordinary people, employed according to their strengths, and encouraged to develop their strengths will produce extraordinary results, consistently increasing shareholder value for their organization


"People are NOT the most important asset of the business, People ARE the business."

   The CATCH

The process is relatively simple in concept, easy to execute, inexpensive, but often difficult to believe. A total understanding and commitment from top management is required. The process requires focus and persistent application. Everyone in the organization has to modify his or her paradigms on management and career path.

"It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more uncertain of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new order of things. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of old institutions, and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new ones." Machiavelli 1513

  • To select talent we must be able to measure talent.
  • To align individual talent with organizational tasks we must be able to measure the organizational role in the context of individual talent.
  • To maximize employee productivity and morale we must
    • Coach and train to develop individual strengths and,
    • Manage employees to utilize their individual strengths.
  • Finally, to maintain progress, we must be able to measure progress, identify breakdowns and execute proper interventions.

   The DIAR Method™ —A Comprehensive Strategy

The DIAR Method™ combines the systems, the metrics, the training and all other tools required to make the PREMISE your REALITY. The ROI will vary by organization but it is extremely attractive because the payoff is substantial and the investment is modest.

The DIAR Method™ includes three phases:

Diagnosis: the initial assessment of current employees, positions and managers.
Interventions: training and realignment of talents and tasks.
Maintenance: involves ongoing measurement and timely interventions.

The following diagram illustrates CEO issues, CEO desired results and the key CEO deliverables of the DIAR Method™.

Click for a larger view.


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