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Low birth rates in North America, Europe and Japan suggest that most future growth will have to come from productivity increases rather than from expanding markets driven by population growth. HR professionals are the key to successfully attracting, selecting and retaining talent. They are also the key to effectively selecting and developing managers. The new role for HR is as a profit center and a full partner in developing and executing strategy.



In many organizations, HR professionals make important and significant contributions to the corporate bottom line but receive little or no credit for their contributions. Why? Because, HR can rarely measure the effect of their efforts on the bottom line. The DIAR Method™ is changing that.

The DIAR Method™ will provide systems for you to objectively measure individual talent and to determine the desired talent for each organizational role. This information allows your managers to create and maintain alignment between talents and tasks. This alignment produces high productivity, high morale and high retention.

The DIAR Method™ will provide leadership development systems to select the best manager talent and to train managers in strengths based coaching.

Finally, The DIAR Method™ provides leadership information systems that keep your managers informed on the status and trends in employee satisfaction. And you will be able to measure the contribution of all of your interventions and systems on the bottom line!

Emerson said that the reward of a thing well done is to have done it. You probably agree but you’d also like the CEO and fellow senior officers to be aware of what you’ve done.

"Hide not your talents.
They for use were made.
What’s a sundial in the shade?"
Ben Franklin


The DIAR Method™ will assist you in diagnosing current strengths and opportunities; customize solution systems to assure your success; install and train you and your staff in maintaining these systems for your continuous improvement.

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