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TotalView™ Assessment

Total View Assessment
TotalView™ is a comprehensive and objective selection and benchmarking system. It is a highly valid and reliable assessment and benchmark system for selecting new employees, and planning for retention and succession. TotalView™ is also a very popular instrument for objective career path planning for use by employees and HR departments.

Properly integrated into HR processes, the TotalView™ system may dramatically reduce turnover and may significantly increase productivity. The ROI for the TotalView™ system is typically extemely attractive because the investment is so low and yet the payoffs can be substantial in terms of reduced turnover costs and increased productivity.


HireRite Pre-Employment ScreeningHireRite is a highly customizable workplace attitudinal assessment system that has Sixteen Dimensions in A Fully Modular Format,Can Include Positive And Negative Indicators,Targets the largest Employee Group; Entry level/ Hourly Wage Employees

INSIGHT Inventory

Insight Inventory Personality AssessmentUnlike other instruments that require lengthy, expensive certification, or that apply classifications that stereotype users, INSIGHT's common sense format provides a balanced view of behavior.

Self-scored within 15 minutes, INSIGHT moves quickly from developing a profile to applying the learning. Participants develop important behavior skills, including how to flex their style to manage conflict, and facilitate team work. The instrument's clarity and uncomplicated format allow you to integrate it into existing training, or make it the center piece of a program.


DecideX AssessmentsDecideX is the only instrument available today that can tell why, when, and how a team will make a decision. Unlike other products that force-fit individual profiles into team structures, DecideX uses information-processing theory and sociology—the science of group behavior— to focus on the characteristics of individual team members and how they will contribute to or stifle performance. Best of all, DecideX users will receive completely integrated, "plain English" reports that are ready to be put to use immediately. Important information is summarized in graphic form.


Managerial Assessments (MAPs)The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency is a proven tool for pinpointing and charting strengths and weaknesses, as compared to norms developed form over 70,000 managers and supervisors. Managers can see where they need to improve performance in order to exceed the standards.

The Managerial Assessment of Proficiency is an objective video-driven, competency-based, computer-scored program of Assessment, Interpretation, and Development Planning.

You'll be able to benchmark performance, conduct a Needs Analysis, schedule training based on needs, obtain data for HR actions, and strengthen the partnership between participants and their managers as they prepare and implement their Individual Development Plans.

In 10 video episodes, Bill Taylor and his team of four supervisors exhibit a range of 12 key managerial competencies as they simulate what happens during a typical work week. Participants will evaluate the actions of Taylor and his coworkers and see parallels from their own experience.

The EXCEL™ Series

Manager Training: The Excel SeriesManaging to EXCEL provides a viable system for translating new learning into performance and excellence in the workplace. It consists of twelve modules that help managers and supervisors improve in key management competency areas. Each module is a complete four-hour workshop. Installation of each EXCEL module includes Instructor Guidelines, videotape presentation, PowerPoint slides, and materials (workbooks and handouts) for 25 participants.

Each workshop uses a short videotape presentation that depicts typical management interactions during which the use of a specific competency occurs. Workbook exercises are designed to help participants identify the basic skills and techniques associated with each competency. Participants then practice and apply the new skills via role play, case method, script analysis, games/simulations, self-inventories, and other hands-on learning activities.

Landmark studies by a number of major U.S. corporations have identified the competencies that highly effective managers and supervisors possess to a greater degree than do average performers. Twelve of these critical competencies became the basis for the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency and for EXCEL.

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