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Building Dynasties

The Payoff

A dynasty is an organization with enlightened leadership, highly engaged employees, a strength based culture, and embedded leadership systems, which produces continuous improvement and mission success. An organization employing the DIAR Method™.

The Premise

Employees are NOT the most valuable asset of the organization. Employees ARE the organization. Attracting talent and keeping them satisfied assures continuous achievement of your mission. You need the right people on the team, the wrong ones off, and every team member playing the right position.

You build your organization on probabilities, not possibilities. You achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people because you have the systems to identify and align talent.

The Process

Building dynasties first requires alignment of individual talent with organizational roles. Next, managers and employees must be trained in a strength based philosophy and leadership information and feedback systems must be developed to allow managers to monitor and manage for continuous improvement.

The Price

Everyone in the organization must make the effort to understand and commit to a strength based culture. New paradigms are required for managers to manage, for employees’ to embrace strength based career path planning and for leadership information systems to generate new information.

The DIAR Method™

Following is the story behind The DIAR Method™, a proper perspective for implementation and a diagram or visual representation of the process:

Web Footed Friends, Inc. reviewed extensive research, examined personal business experience and considered significant anecdotal evidence to identify the unique actions, common to high achieving companies, who have consistently demonstrated increasing shareholder value over long periods of time. The findings are surprising!

We took the research findings and created the DIAR Method™, which combines the systems, the training, the metrics and other tools to produce bottom line results in any organization committed to sustained shareholder value growth.

Our conclusions are research based, supported by actual measurements, in hundreds of companies, over long time periods.

This Is NOT the Latest Idea of the Guru de Jour!

This Is NOT A Silver Bullet!

You Still Can’t Get to Heaven Without Dying!

The Method Is Simple In Concept, Easy To Implement, But Often Hard To Believe! It Requires Total Understanding and Commitment From Top Management!


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