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Increasing Productivity

The Payoff

Increasing productivity means more output for every dollar of payroll.

The Premise

Getting the right people on the team, the wrong ones off, and every team member playing the right position increases morale, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and retention. Employee turnover costs drop and new talent is easier to attract to the organization.

Engaged employees mean that non-profits consistently achieve their mission and for-profits continuously increase recurring profits and shareholder value.

The Process

Increasing productivity first requires alignment of individual talent with organizational roles. Employees are assessed and organizational roles are profiled for optimal job match. Managers are assessed for managerial competencies and trained in relevant competencies where proficiency gaps exist. Employees are trained to follow career paths based on their strengths and managers are trained to manage to employees’ strengths.

The Price

Everyone in the organization must make the effort to understand and commit to a strength-based culture. New paradigms are required for managers to manage, for employees’ to embrace strength based career path planning and for leadership information systems to generate new information.

The Return

ROI varies by organization size and condition, but full recovery is typically achieved in less than two years.

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