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Survey Systems

The Payoff

Managers make the best decisions when they have the best information available to them. Feedback from all constituencies on a regular basis enables management to spot trends and adjust strategies quickly to maximum advantage.

The Premise

Mark Twain said, "Supposing is good, but finding out is better". Quality feedback from all constituencies on a regular basis is critical to management excellence. Consistent feedback can present a significant competitive advantage.

Key constituencies may include employees, customers, non-customers, suppliers, etc. More information, from critical sources, secured more timely enhances organizational strategy and management decisions.

The Process

Survey questions are designed for each constituency and each survey purpose. The actual survey process can be outsourced to Web Footed Friends or managed by you. The web- based system generates anonymous, instant feedback. The system is affordable, flexible, user-friendly and customizable. The low cost encourages frequent and regular use.

The Price

Outsourced surveys typically cost approximately $5.00 per respondent. Purchasing the system can drive this cost below $1.00 per respondent.

The Return

The ROI of surveys is usually not of great concern because the cost is so small. The relevant question may be, "what is my cost in not knowing?" What is it worth to know: When top employees are becoming dissatisfied? When customers are becoming unhappy? Why non-customers are buying elsewhere?

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