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Healthcare Industry Talent Management

Healthcare Industry Talent Management Team Leader

Marcia A. Petrini, PhD, MPA, MS, BSN

Dr. Petrini earned a Batchelor of Science degree in nursing from Catholic University in Washington, DC; a Master of Science from the University of California at San Francisco; a Master of Science in public administration from Harvard University; and a Doctor of Philosophy from State University of New York at Buffalo.

An author, university professor, and international consultant, Dr. Petrini is keenly interested in developing systems to improve productivity and patient care in the healthcare professions.

Healthcare Industry Talent Management Challenges & Opportunities

Peter Drucker stated the challenges this way, "The most important area for developing new concepts, methods, and practices will be in the management of society’s knowledge resources— specifically, education and healthcare, both of which are today over administered and under managed." With life expectancy rising steadily, the opportunities in healthcare are enormous and will continue to be so for decades to come. However, falling birth rates over the last few years equate to skilled labor shortages in the future, which mandates productivity gains.

Healthcare Industry Talent Management Solutions

Knowledge workers ARE the healthcare profession. All knowledge workers can walk out the door at any time, find another position and take their knowledge with them. The solution to attracting, retaining and motivating knowledge workers is to achieve alignment between the worker and the organizational role. And to develop strength based managers who select talent, manage to employee strengths and counsel employees to follow a strength based career path.

Web Footed Friends, Inc. Healthcare Industry Talent Management Initiatives

We seek employer participation in a national industry study designed to identify the ideal psychometric profiles for certain job positions that share common requirements across the industry. Participating institutions will share in the research findings and will enjoy a subsidy of the cost of participation. If you have fifty or more employees in one position and are interested in participating, please contact us for details.

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