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Serivce Industry Talent Management

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Serivce Industry Talent Management Team Leader

Linda H. Petrini

Ms. Petrini recently managed several test groups participating in a national study to develop benchmarks for various sales and customer service positions in the service industry. A veteran of sales and customer service, Linda appreciates the subtle distinctions and differences in position demands between direct sales, outgoing call center sales, incoming call center sales and customer service.

Serivce Industry Talent Management Challenges & Opportunities

Million dollar advertising and PR programs go up in smoke each time your front line employee gives poor service to your customer. Keeping existing customers costs a fraction of attracting a new one. Step one in the service industry is to attract, train and retain customer centric employees. These employees require top managers who select talent and coach employees according to their strengths. The winners in the fiercely competitive service industry will field the best employees and managers.

Serivce Industry Talent Management Solutions

The key to fielding the winning team is to benchmark each service position and recruit to the benchmark. Additionally, select managers based on the manager benchmark, create a strength based culture and train all employees in customer service. Develop regular customer and employee satisfaction feedback surveys to monitor success, spot trends and manage continuous improvement.

Web Footed Friends, Inc. Serivce Industry Talent Management Initiatives

We seek employer participation in a national industry study designed to identify the ideal psychometric profiles for certain job positions that share common requirements across the industry. Participating institutions will share in the research findings and will enjoy a subsidy of the cost of participation. If you have fifty or more employees in one position and are interested in participating, please contact us for details.

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