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  1. HOME - Consulting team custom designs systems for leadership development, leadership information and for alignment of individual talents to organizational tasks. Objective systems get the right people on the team, playing the right positions.
    1. Who are we?
    2. What do we do?
    3. How do we do it?
    4. Who cares?
    5. What’s with the name?
    6. Aligning Individual Talent to Organizational Tasks
    7. Leadership Development
    8. Leadership Information Systems

  2. About YOU - Explains importance of defining organizational development problems and opportunities before tailoring solutions to specific management responsibilities. Defines key result as ability to consistently develop information and options for executives
    1. CEO - Comprehensive change strategy to increase shareholder value and assure continuous improvement. Objective systems to attract, select and retain top talent.
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. CEO Bookshelf
    2. Sales & Marketing - Comprehensive change strategy to increase sales productivity, market share and to expand markets. Objective systems to attract, select and retain top sales and marketing talent for consistent growth
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. Sales Bookshelf
      5. Marketing Bookshelf
    3. Human Resources - Effective strategy to turn HR into a profit center and strategic partner to CEO. Systems to produce and measure bottom line contributions
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. HR Bookshelf
    4. CFO and Finance - Describes unique CFO systems to reduce organization costs. Getting the right people in the right positions reduces turnover costs, increases productivity, reduces workmen’s comp claims and minimizes litigation risks of employee lawsuits.
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. CFO Bookshelf
    5. General Managers and Division Heads - Describes tools and systems for the General Manager or Division Head to reduce cycle time and increase net profitability. Attracting and retaining top talent reduces turnover costs, increases productivity, employee morale and unit profitability.
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. General Manager Bookshelf
    6. Managers - Details how top managers attract, select, retain and coach talent to achieve outstanding unit profitability. Outlines processes for strengths based coaching and for monitoring top employee satisfaction levels and managerial proficiency.
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. Manager Bookshelf
    7. Board of Directors - Outlines processes for board of directors to attract and retain top executive talent. Enables board to objectively monitor executive performance assuring continuous increases in shareholder value or non-profit mission achievement.
      1. Issues
      2. Results
      3. Solution Systems
      4. Directors Bookshelf

  3. YOUR Industry - Describes unique opportunity for research collaboration in healthcare, manufacturing, service, and financial services industries.
    1. Healthcare - New concepts, methods and practices are being developed for managing knowledge workers in the healthcare industry. Healthcare challenges and opportunities are enormous and productivity gains are mandated by falling birthrates.
    2. Manufacturing - Manufacturing companies sought for participation in national research project. Managing rapid, constant change and nurturing a climate for innovation requires new leadership and new leadership information systems in the manufacturing industry.
    3. Service Industry - Service industry companies are sought for participation in national research project. Rising costs of customer acquisition demand specific front line employees who are critical to success in retaining existing customers.
    4. Financial Services - Financial services organizations, committed to innovation and achievement in rapidly changing environment, are sought for research project. The goal is developing systems to align talent to redefined organizational roles in financial services.

  4. YOUR Solutions - Distinguishes priority and comprehensive planning approaches to achieving common business solutions including building organizational dynasties, increasing productivity, reducing costs, cutting employee turnover, leadership development and survey systems.
    1. Building Dynasties - Outlines method, costs and return on investment for building organizational dynasties led by enlightened leadership, worked by highly engaged employees and managed by strength based managers.
    2. Increasing Productivity - Outlines method, costs and return on investment for increasing productivity by developing highly engaged employees and top performing managers utilizing strength based employee coaching and career path planning.
    3. Reducing Costs - Outlines method, costs and return on investment for personnel systems that reduce business costs including employee turnover, training, workmen’s comp, costs of sales, shrinkage, costs of new client acquisition and others.
    4. Cutting Employee Turnover - Demonstrates high costs of employee turnover and outlines method, costs and return on investment for personnel systems to attract, select and retain top talent. System builds the organization on probabilities instead of possibilities.
    5. Leadership Development - Distinguishes traits of top managers and outlines method, costs and return on investment for leadership development systems including assessment of managerial proficiency, training and performance evaluation.
    6. Survey Systems - Identifies new leadership information requirements and outlines method, costs and return on investment for feedback survey systems to develop critical information from all key constituencies quickly, frequently and inexpensively.

  5. YOUR Friends - Profiles strategic alliances and business partners including product and service descriptions and demos. Information download center and recommended reading for individual and organizational development.
    1. Strategic Alliances
    2. Books
      1. Organizational Development
      2. Leadership
      3. Management
      4. Individual Development
      5. Selling
    3. Download Center
    4. Site Map

  6. YOUR Products - Partial list of key products and services in categories including assessment and learning center, consulting services, feedback survey systems, productivity systems and technology.
    1. Assessment & Learning Center - Highlights assessment and learning center products including selection assessments, pre employment screening, style assessments, managerial assessments and manager training.
      1. Selection Assessments
      2. Pre Employment Screening
      3. Style Assessments
      4. Managerial Assessments
      5. Manager Training
    2. Consulting Services - Highlights consulting services including the executive team study, management succession planning, strategic planning facilitation, customer service training and sales training.
      1. Executive Team Study
      2. Management Succession Planning
      3. Strategic Planning Facilitation
      4. Customer service Training
      5. Sales Training
    3. Feedback Survey Systems - Describes feedback survey systems including 360 degree individual feedback surveys, organizational, employee attitude, and customer satisfaction surveys as well as feedback survey system software for PC, LAN or web use.
      1. 360° Individual Feedback Surveys
      2. Organizational Surveys
      3. Feedback Survey System Software
    4. Productivity Systems - Describes selected productivity solutions including bundled or unbundled comprehensive recruiting services.
      1. Recruiting Systems

  7. About Us - Profiles the promise, the premise and the people who work with Web Footed Friends, Inc. including pictures, biographies and contact information.
    1. The Promise
    2. The Premise
    3. The People
    4. Contact Us
    5. Contact ME

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