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Executive Team Study

The CEO Team Development System involves the psychometric assessment of each member of the CEO's team. The CEO is provided a report on each team member including recommendations for supervising each team member based on their individual profile. The assessments measure predictive business behavior and an individual report is provided for each team member and the CEO.

Additionally, a separate team balance analysis, measuring business behavior critical to effective teamwork, is prepared for the CEO based on all team members including the CEO. Team strengths, team balance and team deficiencies will be highlighted in this report.

A third report is prepared to measure the compatibility of team members with their job responsibilities. A psychometric assessment is prepared for team members which creates an individual profile based on their abilities, interests and behavioral traits. A separate profile or benchmark is created for each job position based on the responsibilities specific to that position. Both profiles are compared and the degree of compatibility is measured. This report provides the CEO with the critical information necessary to determine the degree of job-match and to facilitate the process of reassigning job responsibilities in order to increase the degree of productivity for each team member.

The purpose of all reports is to promote more effective communication between all team members and to coach the CEO on methods for maximizing the team's productive output.


Executive Coaching

It is lonely at the top, whether you sit atop a department, a division or the entire organization. Leaders often find it difficult to share aggressive plans and goals with staff and staff often finds it difficult to provide honest feedback up the line.

Executive coaches give the leader a sounding board from outside the organization. Maintaining confidences, but sharing successful solutions, coaches can provide valuable perspective. And few things are more rare or more appreciated than access to a great listener, who understands leadership and who is completely supportive of the leader.

Our executive coaches have formal management training, strong academic grounding but most importantly they have practical business experience. Call us and let's discuss your needs, either for yourself or for the developing talent in your organization.


Corporate Career Transition Services

Terminations and layoffs. No matter how you view them, they are one of the most unpleasant realities that an organization is likely to face. Most employers desire to act responsibly when it involves ending an employment relationship. In fact, it is in an employer's best interest to do so. Employment liability claims, unemployment costs, COBRA related administrative costs, community perceptions and damaged employee and union relations.....these are all incentives to employers to assist departing employees in transitioning on as quickly as possible.

Our Transition Assistance Services have been designed to assist employers with these and other issues when a transition occurs. We offer a systematic process to delivering corporate career management services that are tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives.

The benefits of career management services include:

  • Fewer negative feelings on the part of the departing employee towards their company
  • Reduced company costs associated with unemployment and COBRA.
  • Air-tight, legal defense against wrongful termination claims.
  • Departing employees are back on their feet quickly and are able to move forward with their careers and life.
We partner with a cadre of top quality career management professionals who can provide your transitioning employees individualized attention and innovative solutions.

Available career counseling options available to your transitioning employees:

  • Life Purpose and Career Direction Assessment
  • Life Planning Analysis
  • Labor Market Research and Career Option Identification
  • Job Search and Interviewing Strategies
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Business Startup Solutions

Management Succession Planning

The purpose of the succession planning system is two-fold. The first purpose is to develop bench strength by identifying the best candidates to succeed top management among a candidate pool of current employees. The second purpose is to capture undetected potential as employment candidates are processed routinely through normal human resource activities. There are two opportunities to capture. The first is the candidate who has the profile for the open position but who lacks the requisite skills. The second is the candidate whose profile does not suit the open position but is a strong match for another key position in the company. In both cases you may discover a "diamond in the rough" which can be a valuable discovery in a tight labor market. This information provides management with a competitive edge in that you can spot raw potential and develop key employees internally.


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic Planning Facilitation is a service provided to client companies on a per diem basis. The methodology involves a pragmatic approach, which leads to the creation of a working document by meetings end. The finished document includes the following sections:

Identity - A clear description of the business entity answering the question, "who?"
Vision - A clear description of how the business wants to be perceived in the future
Mission - Answers the question, "what do we do?"
Values - Itemized list of the values, which will guide decisions of the business leaders.
General Objectives - Broad goals but measurable and with a deadline. Issues & Impacts - Issues are defined phenomena in the business environment, which are expected to impact the business. The impact is the anticipated effect, either positive or negative of the issue on the business.
Master Strategy - The art and science of developing and using human capital, financial and physical resources as necessary, in periods of business expansion and contraction, to afford the maximum support to policies, procedures and tactics, in order to increase the probabilities and favorable consequences of achieving the general objectives of the enterprise and to lessen the chances of failure.
Specific Objectives - Specific, measurable objectives with deadlines.
Tactics - The ordered arrangement and utilization of human capital, financial and physical resources in relation to each other and/or to the strategic objectives of the enterprise in order to maximize the potentialities of all resources.
Action Plans - Specific steps with assignments and target completion dates, which collectively assure success of the overall mission.


Customer Service Training

The customer service training program includes an audit of customer service knowledge and personality traits of current employees as well as an entertaining and effective customer service training program. Participants receive their psychometric profile, which compares their customer service knowledge and personality traits to select candidates with profiles most consistent with world-class customer service.


Sales Training

This new selling system uses the INSIGHT Inventory to help people increase their sales effectiveness. It will help participants to understand themselves and others better and to use this understanding to improve their interpersonal relationships with their customers. This makes it possible for salespeople to reduce the interpersonal tension that often develops from style differences between themselves and their customers and to create open, honest dialogue. Your sales representatives will be able to uncover their customers' needs and accurately match them with the most appropriate products and services.

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