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Leadership Development

The Payoff

Top managers attract, select and retain top talent. Top managers consistently generate substantially higher productivity in their units than other managers. Recent research indicates that the business units of top managers excel in higher sales revenue, lower cost ratios, and higher profits.

The Premise

Employees join companies but they leave managers. Top talent enjoys high satisfaction levels in the business units of top managers. Improving manager selection, training and leadership information systems for managers will enable your organization to attract, select and retain talent. Engaged employees will drive customer satisfaction and retention which in turn drives recurring profits and shareholder values.

The Process

The first step in improving management is to assess managerial proficiency and job match. The second step is to survey employee satisfaction levels by business unit. Once these diagnostic steps are completed, appropriate interventions are executed including realignment of managers and manager training in relevant managerial competencies.

The Price

Assessment costs are dependent on the number of managers and employees but most of these costs are one time costs. The information generated can be used over again in subsequent years. Training costs vary by training requirements. Both training and assessment can be web based and overall costs are minimal compared to the payoff.

The Return

The potential ROI is typically extremely attractive due to modest investments and substantial payoff in increased productivity, retention and business unit profits.

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